Residential Plans

Basic 10 Mbps – $20.00

Standard 25 Mbps – $49.95

Fast 50 Mbps – $59.95

Ultra 100 Mbps  $99.95

*Faster, Customized Plans Also Available*


Or get the "Internet Solution Package" which includes:

Gigabit Router with Wi-Fi, Battery Backup Unit, and the Standard Speed Tier service for $99/mo.


Speeds Are Megabits per Second (Mbps) Download and all plans include 10 Mbps upload.

Higher upload can be added for additional monthly fee.

All new accounts require installation (see bottom of this page).

 * Speed options may vary based on your location.


If we cannot provide service to your location right now, we will be able to soon if you are near Gordonsville. Sign up for service and we will let you know when we can add your location to the network.


This service includes one connection point directly to a computer or customer-supplied router. If you have a property needing multiple connections, let us know. Each location is different and requires a (free) site survey to determine availability. We can offer additional services as needed for an extra charge including the following:

  • Router rental or purchase (if you do not already have one)
  • Full network installations for homes or businesses requiring more than one connection
  • General troubleshooting and set up of existing network(s), computer(s) depending on your needs
  • Monitored Wi-Fi for best available up-time and speeds- requires a router


All plans come with:

  • No data caps and no hidden fees
  • Local and Personalized Service – We are locally-owned and locally-run out of Gordonsville, Virginia. Our only concern is that your Internet connection is rock-solid and fast because that’s exactly what we want as customers ourselves.
  • Clear Pricing
  • 1) Service Fee --  Whichever speed tier you choose (this is your monthly rate), and
  • 2) Install Fee --  $200 for basic installation taking less than 2 hours. You can elect to sign a 2 year price-locked guarantee and pay just $75 for the install with a $200 early termination fee.
  • 3) Applicable Taxes
  • Fair Use Policy– It is our policy to not allow any single customer too much of our overall resources for any extended period of time as determined by a qualified rocknet1smallemployee.