Rocknet will customize an affordable solution for you based on your specific business needs.

Each Business Account Includes:

Unlimited use

99.9% Uptime Guarantee (4 Hour S.L.A.)

Ability to Provide Wi-Fi for your customers

It's possible we may not provide service in your area today, but we use sign-up data to select new areas in which to roll out service. The more interest we see in an area, the sooner they will be covered. So, tell your neighbors to sign up too in order to speed up the process and get service into your area!

We can offer additional services as needed for an extra charge including the following:

  • Managed Wi-Fi solutions for home or business
  • Router rental or purchase (if you do not already have one)
  • Full network installations for homes or businesses requiring more than one connection
  • General troubleshooting and set up of existing network(s), computer(s) depending on your needs

Fair Use Policy

It is our policy to not allow any single customer too much of our overall resources for any extended period of time as determined by a qualified Rocknet employee.