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    1.7 Million Cable TV Users Cut The Cord in 2016

    1.7 Million Cable TV Users Cut The Cord in 2016 Pay TV providers lost another 319,000 net cable customers last quarter as cord cutting saw its “fastest quarterly acceleration on record” according to one analyst. While some cable providers like Comcast had small to modest growth (Comcast added just 80,000 pay TV users on the...
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    YouTube TV offers big 4 networks

    YouTube has finally announced its long-rumored online television service that doesn’t require a cable subscription. Known simply as YouTube TV, it features local broadcast networks and channels like ESPN for $35 a month. Interestingly, YouTube TV will be its own app, reflecting a “mobile first” approach. Features include a cloud DVR with unlimited ...
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    It might be time to stop using antivirus

    Former Firefox developer Robert O’Callahan, now a free agent and safe from the PR tentacles of his corporate overlord, says that antivirus software is terrible, AV vendors are terrible, and that you should uninstall your antivirus software immediately—unless you use Microsoft’s Windows Defender, which is apparently okay. A couple of mon...