How It Works

Rocknet utilizes cutting edge carrier-grade gigabit equipment to provide a rock-solid fixed Internet connection to your home, business, or event.

Similar to how cell phone networks operate, we provide Internet service from elevated locations like existing towers and grain silos and beam that down do your location via wireless radios. The cell phone you use is basically a fancy radio. The difference between cell service and Rocknet is that cell service is made to be mobile and provide you with enough connection for one device (your phone), while Rocknet is for fixed connections to homes or buildings with unlimited usage and faster speeds that can provide Internet for anywhere from a single device all the way up to corporate, building-wide solutions. All connections get routed into our fiber-optic backbone connected directly to the Internet.

Faster and more reliable than satellite or cell hotspot, Rocknet provides you a fast, usable connection you've been waiting for without the need to break open your piggy bank.


What Can I Do With my Rocknet Connection?

Just about anything you want! We don't allow you to run servers unless you have a business connection, and that's about it. Stream, surf, game, telecommute to work, VoIP, video conference, and whatever else you normally like to do on the Internet.  As a Gordonsville, Virginia based company, we comply with all applicable local, state and federal regulations.

How Much Data Can I Use?

As much as you want! No limits, caps, or throttling here. We do our pricing based on speed that we provide you, rather than the amount of data you use.

What Speeds Should I Expect?

It depends on the specifics of your physical location. Most locations will be able to receive at least 25Mbps, others as much as 200Mbps or more! We will happily do a free site survey upon request to determine your eligibility (Click here to begin).

What Do I Have to Install On My Home for Rocknet Service?

Included in your installation is a wireless radio receiver we provide. We use equipment form various manufacturers so your specific location could require any of 3 or 4 different solutions, but none are larger than the size of a medium pizza.

Is Wi-Fi Included With Installation?

What we provide is one Internet connection via Ethernet (RJ-45 jack) connection into your home or business. If you already have a Wi-Fi router, we will connect it for you. Otherwise, you can purchase or rent a Wi-Fi router from us. If you want to go buy your own, make sure it is at least capable of "802.11ac" speeds or higher.