Business Plans

Contact us for business accounts!

This service includes one connection point. If you have a property needing multiple connections, let us know. Each location is different and requires a (free) site survey to determine availability. We can offer additional services as needed for an extra charge including the following:

  • Router purchase (if you do not already have one)
  • Full network installations for homes or businesses requiring more than one connection
  • General troubleshooting and set up of existing network(s), computer(s) depending on your needs

All plans come with:

  • UNcapped Data Allowance with No Overage Fees– Ever!
  • Local and Personalized Service – We are locally-owned and locally-run out of Gordonsville, Virginia. Our only concern is that your Internet connection is rock-solid and fast because that’s exactly what we want as customers ourselves.
  • Clear Pricing

    • 1) Service Fee --  Whichever speed tier you choose (this is your monthly rate), and
    • 2) Install Fee --  $200 for basic installation taking less than 2 hours. You can elect to sign a 2 year price-locked guarantee and pay just $50 for the install with a $100 early termination fee.
    • 3) Applicable Taxes
  • Fair Use Policy– It is our policy to not allow any single customer too much of our overall resources for any extended period of time as determined by a qualified rocknet1smallemployee.