Why rocknet?

Why rocknet1small?

  1. Fastest Internet Service Available (up to 200+ Mbps!) within the footprint of our network
  2. NO data/usage caps
  3. Gordonsville-based ownership and management. We are a local small business!
  4. Superior Technology to satellite/DSL/cell "Hotspots"
  5. Increase your property value
  6. Simplicity-- We sell Internet access for the real world and don't push you to bundle or oversell you on services you don't need
  7. Transparency-- No hidden fees or charges!
  8. Affordability-- We provide the best value in the area
  9. Ability to customize your plan-- We can and will customize a solution that works for you
  10. Experience-- rocknet1small has over 30 years of combined expertise in Internet and technology use

What does rocknet1smallservice enable you to do?

  • Gaming & Videoconferencing (due to a low latency network)
  • Streaming services --> Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, etc*
  • Cloud Data Backups
  • Worry-free operating system and other updates--No Data Caps!
  • Use cloud-connected security solutions- One example is the Nest Cam*
  • Use unlimited super-fast Wi-Fi at home (bring your own router) and lower your cell phone data plan to save $

*Separate purchase required


What about TV and/or Phone Service?

Here is what you can do right now  using rocknet1small:

Phonerocknet1small is a partner of the Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") service Ooma.* With both business and residential options, this is the best value VoIP service available.

TV- You can subscribe to your choice of streaming TV services (Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Sling, etc*) that include stations like ESPN, History Channel, CBS, and many more.

*Separate purchase required



rocknet1small Referral Program

  • $50 for every 2-year contract signed and returned to us with our business card and the person or business responsible for the referral's name and address on the back. Payment to be made after first 2 months of payments have been received by us.



Test your current provider HERE and compare the "Mbps" download/upload numbers to your bill...

or try THIS LINK for the Netflix download-only speed test.